How to Download Instagram Stories Easily on iOS, Android and Laptop/Desktop – 2021

The story future is one of the favorite parts of social media apps like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Snapchat. Snapchat has created the social media stories concept, and this concept followed by Instagram. How to download Instagram stories and Snapchat stories are the same and can be viewed. Appear only for 24 hours, but there are some differences.

If you don’t know what Instagram stories are and how to download Instagram stories, they’ll display up when you tap the circle profile photo at the top of the Instagram Stories landing page. You can also make a live video and obtain a boomerang. Let’s tell your companion posts a video on their Story. The circle is surrounded by a purple-pink sparkle if there is a different story you have not viewed yet. The Story status only for 24 hours, and after that, it will no longer be visible to see. Except you may download, Usually you’ll watch it and want to download it to watch later, even if it’s no longer visible on Instagram.

how to download instagram stories

How to Download Instagram Stories?

Suppose you’re stuck in the noose of looking for someone else’s life. In that case, whether it’s for a section of a second or not, it’s hard to get yourself out of it, moreover, by the truth that people publish stories, collecting similar little moments as quickly as they can, without ending them into motivation. Notwithstanding the TV launch on Instagram, Stories were shaken hard. There may be no choice in the app to download or save stories.

Luckily, there are applications here, so you can save photos or videos for later viewing. Everyone should get back to enjoying the fantastic moments again by looking at them. Still, Instagram doesn’t make reaching stories that easy, notably, if you want to download your family or friends Stories; of all strangers, don’t worry; here is the guide for you to download and save Instagram stories.

How to Download Own Instagram Story?

Here is a step-by-step guide to download your own Instagram stories and save them to your phone.

  • Publish Your Story

The first step is to get your Story out for everyone to view. Use either video or stills, or even your drink boomerang if you’re thinking extreme. At that point, you can dress up with stickers in the app, try with smart content, or get creative with the pen tool. Don’t forget to press the PLUS button to publish.

  • Three Dots Tap

When your Instagram story goes live, click on it. You can do this by touching on your Instagram page’s profile image, then tap on the three dots in the screen’s lower right angle.

  • Record Your Story

After that, a menu will appear, giving you options. You have to tap on the save option, which expects it will usually be held to your phone’s camera list.

You should download an Instagram story to your camera photo. However, that’s the simple bit. If you want to download someone else’s Instagram story’s something gets a little more involved.

How to Download Other People’s Stories?

To deal with someone else’s Story, you need to download the application. This is a plot for Android users, iPhone users, and somebody who wants to save their stories from the desktop variant of Instagram.

Here is a step-by-step guide to download other people’s stories outwardly them knowing. Let’s take an attending at this enigmatic.

How to Download Instagram Stories on Android:

For Android, Story Saver is one of the easiest apps to use to save the Instagram story. This app is available for free on the Google Play Store and uses only 14M of storage space on your phone. Download the app to get started and login with your Instagram account.

  1. Android Go to Play Store
  2. Download Story Saver
  3. Open Story Saver and login into your Instagram account.
  4. View all stories from followers on your Story Saver page or search for your username to view others.
  5. select the video or image you want and press save.

At that, it will arrive in the StorySaver file to display a picture on your phone.

How to Download Instagram Stories on iPhone:

iPhone users for also many apps available that you can use to save Instagram stories, but Story Reposter is the easiest to use. That is Available for free on the app store, or if you feel you want to use the paid version to downloading stories regularly, you can upgrade them. Upgrade the Pro package only for $3.99.

The Story Reposter recently released a new app with the ability to explore and see stories anonymously. This means you can watch stories on Instagram without anyone noticing for any reason. This app takes approximately 23M of storage space. follow these steps to download Instagram stories.

  1. Go to the App Store.
  2. Download Story Reposter
  3. Open the app, and you will see the user’s name whose video/image you want (the profile must be open).
  4. Select the image or video you want to save.
  5. Click the download button, click the Save button to save it to your phone. Walk up to the camera to view your saved file.

How to Download Instagram Stories on PC/Laptop:

If you work from a laptop or computer, there are many options have for download Instagram stories. Most of the specified apps have websites that can do what mobile apps do. It’s fantastic that you can download stories in three steps. Completely anonymous and without login into your Instagram account.

Another useful website in this app is StoryDownloader which works on the same premises. By entering the username of the person you want to download, the site receives all active stories from that user. Then you can click on “Download.”

If you feel you will need to download stories daily, you can try installing the browser extension. Story Downloader has a tremendous working Chrome extension for download Instagram stories.

Use stories extension to download Instagram stories.

  1. Go to the official website And enter the username of the profile you want to upload the Story besides.
  2. Click the profile photo of the Instagram profile in the list.
  3. Scroll down to view their account and click on the Download button of the item you want to save to your laptop.

Use the Instagram Chrome Extension to Download Instagram Stories:

  1. Download the Chrome extension.
  2. Find the username of the profile where you want to download stories.
  3. Right-click the user’s icon and click Download.

The best thing about this option is that any Instagram user you download won’t know that you’ve viewed their Story, allow alone downloaded.

Downloading Instagram stories can be useful for various reasons. Maybe you need to write down the moments you have with your friends and family. Possibly you need to craft a story that brings you to life. Or conversely, you may need to use them to your benefit when doing any research to gather motive to blog and repost on your Instagram account, careless of your inspiration, extensions, and apps. These apps will help you capture and save your best moments for over 24 hours.



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